Friday, February 5, 2010

Ides Interview

How long have you been writing, what got you hooked?
Starting painting roughly 9 yrs ago, had a little break for maybe a year just did tagging etc. Started painting the skatepark we skated at then eventually got into the yard near by and just fell in love with steel, the smell, the feel, the sound its all gravy to me. Just got sick of running from cops going to shiesty downtown Vancouver jail. I still love to catch street tags and bomb and fuck shit up dont get me wrong, just prefer to kick it with the boys drink some sodas and piece a few panels.

Favourite Colour, Colours?

I love the older krylons like pistachio, meadow green, painters touch honey is nice. All montana colors are hype especially shock white and the crome. I love montana hardcore just cuz you could fit any tip possible on em, but im really a big fan of the painters touch with a montana outline.

Favourite writer and why?
I'd say my favourite writers freight wise would be some of the OG"S like Elser, Keptoe, River and the Tci doods. Ahh fuck there to many to name, wish I could bite Isto's I, his shits definatly fire!

What do you like or dislike about Canada's freight scene?

The things I like about the Canadian steel scene is probably the lay'ups. Theres so many sweet spots through out BC, would like to look at some in Manitoba they look chill. Things I don't like is the range in cars, the states got it made for steel when it comes to different cars the play they get etc..

Shout outs
My boy Theo the Eneoner, Decor, Arise, Comboe, Vers2. Robyn at my coffee shop by the spot, all my sexy layups, the bitches that got down with me in the dirty yard, Pabst Blue Ribon, Kush, Homies and Burgers for life.


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